Lexus LS460 tuned by Fabulous

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The Japanese tuning studio specialising on creation of complete sets of external tuning for Toyota and Lexus could not ignore flagman model of a luxury brand. (more…)

Toyota Prius criticized

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The manufacturer accuse that the car is not so harmless and economic as confirms Toyota. Marketing agency CNW Marketing-Research independent and rather respected in the North America has carried out the research which purpose was to find out cost of power inputs on one mile of run of the car. (more…)

Toyota Sequoia

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New off-road car Toyota Sequoia has been caught on obligatory engineering tests in the USA. Under a camouflage of prototypes two new furnish of an ex-terrier of the car – SR5 and “Limited” disappear. (more…)

Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006

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Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006In a year this car, most likely, will rise on the conveyor for now it is presented as concept. Infiniti Coupe Concept should become the successor present G35 Coupe, issued with 2002 year. To justify a rank concept and it is more favourable to present the car to public, designers have allocated with its some “conceptual” details, such as light-emitting diode headlights and the rear-view cameras mounted instead of mirrors. In the rest it is thin processing G35 Coupe. (more…)

Spy Photos of BMW X6

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BMW X6Engineers BMW have started tests in hot Californian desert of a prototype of new off-road car BMW Х6. Through an oversight of a command one of the most interesting parts of the car – a back door thanks to what the paparazzi managed to be glanced and in car “interior” has been left opened. (more…)

Brabus Maybach SV12

Tuning by company Brabus of such car as Maybach 57 has as a result turned to original competition of designers. Ex-terrier Brabus Maybach SV12 differs from base model Maybach 57. (more…)

Nitrogen Power, review of Nitro system

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Today the use of systems of nitrogen for instant increase in capacity of the engine is unique possibility for the majority of racers. And it is a question not only of highly specialised racing cars. N20 it is possible to subject to consideration as a variant for the majority of the motorists, wishing to receive the big return from the motor applied on daily trips. (more…)

Theory about Tuning

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The word “tuning” is translated from English, as “adjustment”, “adjustment”. The concept “tuning of cars” became for us already habitual though frequently under it to mean only presence of plastic overlays on a body and tuned windows. Tuning can really conclude in itself solid enough changes in a design of the engine, a suspension bracket and other systems of the car. (more…)

Suzuki Splash New Car From Suzuki

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Suzuki SpalshJapanese company Suzuki has published the additional information about new to minipenalty Suzuki Splash which will let out at factory in Hungary, and will show officially at an exhibition in Frankfurt. Next year Suzuki plans to transfer Splash in hands not less than 60 thousand Europeans. (more…)

Ferrari F430 CS Spy Photos

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Ferrari F430 CS frontCompany Ferrari prepares the street version of racing model Challenge Stradale: the first prototype of a novelty was lighted on tests. The tradition of release of “hot” cars which in many respects copy the well-known racing predecessors, is not new. Italian reduction CS is deciphered as Challenge Stradale, that in a free translation on the designates. (more…)

Concept Buick Riviera may be out for serial production

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Concept Buick Riviera, presented to this year on the Shanghai motor show and awarded numerous positive responses, can be started with the big share of probability in a batch production. Vice chairman of GM has hinted at it Bob Lutz during online conference. He has noticed, that at concept Buick Riviera very attractive design and it is designed under placing of the new hybrid system which manufacture will be organised by the company on joint venture Shanghai GM in China. (more…)

New Chevrolet Malibu with hybrid engine

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Nearby to Detroit the photographer-fan has photographed test car Chevrolet Malibu, apparently, with a hybrid power-plant under a cowl. The emblem “Hybrid” has been preliminary removed from a lateral surface of a body of the car. It is informed, that the car should receive precisely same power-plant, as well as hybrid Saturn Aura with which Malibu divides a body design. (more…)

Lexus Will Add Crossovers to their production line

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The largest Japanese autoconcern Toyota declared replenishment of the flagman family Lexus until recently presented in home market of the Country of a rising sun, basically, the sedans, two new off-road cars.

Porsche GT Street

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Command TechArt always transformed magnificent Porsche into something especial, doing from quite self-sufficient cars absolutely unique bolid. Receiving a new life, they not only entered it with a new name, but also were charged by absolutely unique power and terrible technical possibilities, keeping thus family lines. Porsche GT Street already was born once when attention have not bypassed model Turbo in 996 body, time of the second generation now has come. In TechArt have underlined, that work on a following masterpiece on the basis of Porsche Turbo in 997 body has begun with a blank leaf so no components from the previous generation at new model are present, except for an overall objective – again to create one of the fast civil Porsche.

Honda Civic Mugen RR

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The tuning company Mugen and Honda and joined forces and launched 300 copies of tuned Civic Type R. The vehicle, known as the Honda Civic Mugen RR, debuted in the Japanese market in late August. (more…)

Spy photos of Chevrolet HHR SS

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There are pictures of road tests Chevrolet HHR SS with almost ready, camouflage comes to “nose” the car, and that major changes will occur. HHR as “loaded” version of SS will be equipped with an engine turbo Ecotec 2-litre capacity and 260 hp The same engine to drive Pontiac Solstice GXP. Exterior HHR SS convert new radiator grille, large air slits and modified bumper with integrated interkulerom. (more…)

Fiat withdraws 466 Fiat Multiplas

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Because of the high probability of a fire company Fiat withdrew in Europe 466 copies Multipla model fitted 1.9 Multijet. According to the manufacturer, the withdrawal will affect only those vehicles which have been issued from April 2005 to January 2007. Ignition may occur during compensatory phase of the oil filter particulates : thermal insulation layer, which is located on top of the bottom body was not sufficiently resistant to many growing with temperature. Withdrawal Fiat Multipla formally executed : the need to visit service shops owners of cars in writing notifying the appropriate agencies. Free inspection and replacement of failed selected thermal insulation material is a little more than an hour.

Mercedes C63 AMG tested in the rain

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New Generation Mercedes C-class Edition AMG running refining capacity in bad weather. The new C63 AMG will be staffed 6.3-liter upgraded V8 engine that can provide not less than 520 horsepower power, but may be that this option will be reduced to 400-420 hp, in the view of developers, more than acceptable for a compact sedan. Premier Mercedes C63 AMG is to be held in September this year at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Cadillac announced new details about BLS

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Sept. 13 show at the Cadillac company auto show in Frankfurt new touring BLS. The European model will be in November. BLS recorded line motors, which includes turbo diesel, three gasoline engine and machine capable of converting bioethanol. Diesel engine has a capacity of 180 hp petrol engines will be supplemented turbochargers, the most powerful of them will be able to issue 255 hp. power. Transmission of this model, the following : “engineer”, a five-automatic and automatic transmissions. All have automatic spe-cial sports mode. (more…)

Audi TT turned to Porsche from Nothelle

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German firm Nothelle, the expert in operational development Audi and cars of other marks Volkswagen Group, has finished works on “prorolling” of Audi TT coupe. On this model the world premiere of the processed engine 3.2 V6 which with the modified system of a turbo-supercharging gives out now 520 h.p. of power and 635 Nanometers of the rotating moment will take place. However, such transformation is possible only for versions of a TT with a mechanical transmission or DSG-transmission. Updating of model with the engine 2.0 TFSI also has undergone changes – the two-litre engine makes now 330 h.p. (more…)

BMW Refreshed Its 6-Class

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Bavarians have strengthened safety of the car, hardly have changed an ex-terrier and have updated the instrument console. The debut of the modernised compartments and a cabriolet of the sixth series will take place at an automobile exhibition in Frankfurt in September. (more…)

Nissan Versa 2008

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Japanese company Nissan at last was delivered of a novelty, having filled up a ruler of production realised in the USA exposed in dealer, a sedan and hatchback Versa 2008 modelling years on which the motor-car manufacturer does the serious rate. Nissan North America plans to sell less than for a year of 50 000 new cars. (more…)

Ultima Sports

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Ultima GTR720 – the serial car made by the small company in the British Leicestershire which specialises on manufacturing “piece” double super cars, with an enviable regularity updating world records of speed, has shown again, “who in the house the owner”. (more…)

Lightning GT – new generation electromobile

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Engineers British Lightning Car Company managed “to guide to rustle” in noble family of electromobiles, as a rule, not differing in the special speed and power of electromotors, having created “beast” under which cowl 700 “horsies” have gone in. Thus it is supposed, that the novelty will be already mass-produced by next year.

VW Multivan T5 4MOTION

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Readers of magazine Auto Bild Allrad in third time named Volkswagen Multivan T5 4MOTION the most popular all-wheel drive van of 2007. In voting has taken part more than 35 000 persons. Readers were offered to make a choice of 112 models of cars of 9 various classes. In a category of all-wheel drive buses and vans of 40 % of readers have preferred Multivan T5 4MOTION as to the most popular car of year. (more…)

Skoda Fabia WRC

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Manufacture Skoda Fabia WRC is finished, to it on change future model Fabia Super 2000 comes. From six last cars Fabia WRC which have descended from the conveyor, four have gone to Holland, one car has been got by importer Skoda on Canary Islands, and last car has occupied the place of honour in a museum of mark Skoda in the city of Mlada Boleslav. (more…)

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP

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Command Peugeot Total adapts racing car Peugeot 908 HDi FAP for participation on a line in Valencia where there will pass the following stage of competitions of races Le of God-sends (Le Mans).

At last stage in Monza pilots Mark Eugene and developed on the average speed more than 200 km/h, but on the Spanish line such hardly leaves, as on it only two direct sites, but it is a lot of turns on an extent.

New Details about Volkswagen Tiguan

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Volkswagen has started in Namibia a finishing phase of working out of new crossover Tiguan – the car passes last honing tests. On the African continent engineers Volkswagen, except other, will test work of new radio-and navigating system. On Tiguan the whole complex of systems of the help to the driver in overcoming of the difficult road conditions, named “Offroad Mode” is tested also. It is necessary to press the button and an arsenal of various systems it is activated and transforms a crossover into the present off-road car. (more…)

VW Touareg tuned by JE Designs

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The German tuning studio JE Design specialising on “completion” of cars of concern Volkswagen, has shown the vision of an optimum variant of a popular off-road car, having proved, that if “the king is played by retinue” novelty of model is given by details. However, frequently, essential enough. (more…)

Mercedes S-Class Bluetec

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Company Mercedes has started to work over the new version of a S-class with the diesel engine, the fuel expense on which does not exceed 6.6 l on 100 km of a way. (more…)

New Opel Meriva

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For the first time the prototype of the new minivan Opel Meriva which exit on the market is expected next year has got to photographers-paparazzi on eyes. (more…)

Jaguar XJ is coming on 2009

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Company Jaguar prepares new generation of model XJ which debut should take place in the end of 2009.
British count, that the new model becomes the serious player in a segment of luxury cars. (more…)

Audi R8 Diesel Power

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In 2009 on the European market there should be version Audi R8 with the diesel engine.Now company Audi lets out three diesel motors, namely, V8 TDI in volume 4.2 l with which equip Q7 (more…)

Skoda Octavia А5

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Since the birth in March, 2004 and to this day Skoda Octavia А5 remained in full inviolability. Now, according to designers of the Czech mark, has come it is time to update shape of popular model as time flies quickly, and to a motor show in Frankfurt where the modernised sample will be shown, remains not so a lot of time. (more…)

Buick Velite goes to serial production

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Mark Buick has confirmed expansion of the lineup to four models – the car on a basis of concept Velite, shown in 2004 in New York can become a novelty. (more…)

Audi A1 goes public in Belgium

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Having redeemed factory Volkswagen in Bruxelles which has been doomed until recently to closing, company Audi declared, what exactly release new compact A1 here will be adjusted. The new model will appear in the European market in 2009. (more…)

BMW presents “M Sport” package for X5

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BMW has prepared a new sports package of additional accessories for all updatings of off-road car Х5.
The weather-cloths entering into the complete set, in the form of the new arches directing on a roof, wheel disks in diameter of 19 and 20 inches add to dimensional off-road car BMW of dynamism and aggression.

Ford X-MAX presentation in Frankfurt

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Last year, within the limits of the Parisian motor show has been shown concept Ford Iosis-X – five doors a sport crossover with bright design. Later it has been declared, that Iosis-X it will be started up in a batch production. The first sample of new model the company will present in September on an exposition in Frankfurt.

Exclusive Ferrari Vandenbrink

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Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink has developed on the basis of Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano five exclusive super cars. Superpenalties Ferrari Vandenbrink 599 GTO it is developed in design studio Vanderbrink. (more…)

Seat Leon tuned by JE Design

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Tuned Seat LeonPopular German tuning studio JE Design has reached hatchback Leon Cupra presented one year ago by Spanish company SEAT, a part of the German autoconcern Volkswagen. Engineers have increased power of the serial 2,0-litre motor about 240 h.p. to 285 h.p. by means of change-over of the block of management and installation of new final system. Thus torque has increased with 300 to 385 Nanometers. Thanks to the spent works, dispersal to hundred occurs for 5,9 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 261 km/h.

On high speeds to cope with car the modernised suspension bracket will help – the car road clearance became less on 30 mm, besides engineers have established more rigid sports springs.

Outwardly to distinguish a novelty from serial hatchbacks it is possible on the aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth consisting of a new forward bumper, lateral thresholds, a back bumper and an elegant rear wing. Also experts from JE Design have changed a lattice of a radiator and have established on forward headlights. Standard wheels have replaced with the huge 19-inch wheels put in low profile of a tyre cover.

Mercedes GLK being tested

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Mercedes GLKMercedes the Nurnburgring short base compact crossover GLK has started tests for a track. The novelty on the basis of a C-class winds circles on a Nurnburgring together with BMW X3 to which in the near future the car will make a competition. (more…)