Nissan 350Z Performance Parts

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Quality Nissan 350Z Performance parts

First of all I would like to say that nissan 350z is a very good car and its probably made for tuning. These is a plenty of high quality aftermarket tuning parts for this car. We are gathering latest info about the performance parts and we will update this page very soon.

Description of Nissan 350Z:

The sports coupe 350Z is a bright individuality, model for stylish and self-assured people. The car is executed in style Hi-Tech. Sharp outlines, a long wheelbase and a wide body in a combination with vertical xenon headlights make impression of aggression, and 6 step mechanical gear box and braking system Brembo speaking about sports mission of the car. The six-cylinder engine possesses impressing power – 80 h.p. torque of 363 Nm, and the car are shown by a high torque even on low speeds. The exhaust system is adjusted so that to underline a low roar of the engine, the car is very good for tuning and there is a lot of nissan 350z performance parts available on the market.

In an interior 350Z there is no modern electronics, here all is subordinated speeds. The basic material in interior – a skin and aluminium. Seats have a strongly pronounced sports cross-section. The pedals made of punched aluminium, are more rigid and informative, than in the usual car, but is equal so not to cause in the driver of fast exhaustion or discomfort.

In the North America and Japan Nissan 350Z is the best seller to this day. When in March, 2003 Nissan 350Z selling started, an annual quota (450 cars) was sold in 58 minutes!

Here is number one 350z car in the world! :) Tuned one with high-end technology performance tuning:

2003 Nissan 350z high performance