Mercedes CLS 350 tuned by A.R.T

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Experts of German tuning studio A.R.T. Have presented the version of “completion” Mercedes CLS 350. If the owner of the car has suddenly considered, that it does not get the grace connected to a habit, he should address urgently in studio which will change model, having added it of elegance and sports character. (more…)

Brabus tuned Mercedes-Benz E V12

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Brabus Mercedes V12Tuned car Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 is known for that is the fastest sedan produced in lots. Tremendous dynamic characteristics Mercedes-Benz E V12, but also a special aerodynamic weather-cloth gives to the car not only tuning of the engine and technical stuffing Brabus. Lateral profile thresholds, a face-to-face and rear bumper with spoilers serve not only as ornaments, and considerably improve aerodynamic indicators that tests in a special tube have visually shown. Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 “is put” in 19-inch wheels with cast disks with rubber Pirelli 255/35 on a front axle and 285/30 on the rear. (more…)

Subaru Legacy STI

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There has passed a year since experts of “hot” tuning studio “STI” have worked over Subaru Legacy. Now there has come time again thoroughly to be engaged in this model. (more…)

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL Tuning

Mercedes-Benz GL BrabusFor creation of the improved aerodynamic indicators of Mercedes-Benz GL, experts Brabus have suggested to equip a front part of the car with a sports bumper with the built in four headlights (two main headlights and two antifog) and a “frightening” trapezoid air intake. To underline aggressive customs of an off-road car it was possible also at the expense of lateral thresholds, a stylish bumper with the choke tube in a tailpiece, and an additional spoiler on a luggage compartment door. Also we will notice, that lateral thresholds have been equipped by light-emitting diodes which “burn” only at door opening, and during movement “sleep”, so this course reminds nothing the trite and banal illumination of the bottom so favourite by our homebrew tuning companies. (more…)

BMW Z4 M Coupe tuned by AC Schnitzer

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Tuned BMW Z4 MStudio AC Schnitzer has prepared impressing package of operational development for powerful coupe BMW Z4 M. Z4 M concerns the category of those cars which any more are not subject to completion as the M-department of concern BMW has achieved everything that it is possible to receive from a sports coupe. (more…)

Tank transformed into a limousine

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English company Tanks-alot has created a unique limousine. It is constructed on the basis of the military tank. (more…)

MINI Cooper S tuned by AS Shnitzer

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German tuning studio AS Shnitzer has developed new tuning package R56 for cars MINI Cooper S. (more…)

Mercedes-Benz M-Class Edition 10

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The Mercedes-Benz company has celebrated birthday of an off-road car of the M-class. The model descends from the conveyor here ten years and is popular all over the world. (more…)

Brabus Maybach SV12

Tuning by company Brabus of such car as Maybach 57 has as a result turned to original competition of designers. Ex-terrier Brabus Maybach SV12 differs from base model Maybach 57. (more…)

Honda Civic Mugen RR

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The tuning company Mugen and Honda and joined forces and launched 300 copies of tuned Civic Type R. The vehicle, known as the Honda Civic Mugen RR, debuted in the Japanese market in late August. (more…)

Audi TT turned to Porsche from Nothelle

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German firm Nothelle, the expert in operational development Audi and cars of other marks Volkswagen Group, has finished works on “prorolling” of Audi TT coupe. On this model the world premiere of the processed engine 3.2 V6 which with the modified system of a turbo-supercharging gives out now 520 h.p. of power and 635 Nanometers of the rotating moment will take place. However, such transformation is possible only for versions of a TT with a mechanical transmission or DSG-transmission. Updating of model with the engine 2.0 TFSI also has undergone changes – the two-litre engine makes now 330 h.p. (more…)

VW Touareg tuned by JE Designs

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The German tuning studio JE Design specialising on “completion” of cars of concern Volkswagen, has shown the vision of an optimum variant of a popular off-road car, having proved, that if “the king is played by retinue” novelty of model is given by details. However, frequently, essential enough. (more…)

Seat Leon tuned by JE Design

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Tuned Seat LeonPopular German tuning studio JE Design has reached hatchback Leon Cupra presented one year ago by Spanish company SEAT, a part of the German autoconcern Volkswagen. Engineers have increased power of the serial 2,0-litre motor about 240 h.p. to 285 h.p. by means of change-over of the block of management and installation of new final system. Thus torque has increased with 300 to 385 Nanometers. Thanks to the spent works, dispersal to hundred occurs for 5,9 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 261 km/h.

On high speeds to cope with car the modernised suspension bracket will help – the car road clearance became less on 30 mm, besides engineers have established more rigid sports springs.

Outwardly to distinguish a novelty from serial hatchbacks it is possible on the aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth consisting of a new forward bumper, lateral thresholds, a back bumper and an elegant rear wing. Also experts from JE Design have changed a lattice of a radiator and have established on forward headlights. Standard wheels have replaced with the huge 19-inch wheels put in low profile of a tyre cover.

Ford GT tuned by EDO

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Ford GT EDO German tuning-studio Edo traditionally specializes on operational development of supercars especialy European marks as Porsche and Ferrari, however this time experts of the company have paid the attention on American Ford GT. (more…)

FAB Design takes Mercedes CL600

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FAB Mercedes CL600Company FAB Design for a long time specializes on tuning of cars of DM Mercedes, paying special attention to parameters of the motor and an aerowhale. This time the studio has worked above CL600. Owing to a special package S60 BT engineers FAB managed to raise parameters of the engine V12 Mercedes up to 650 h.p. powers and 1121 Nanometers of the twisting moment. (more…)

The Best Car of 2007 – Lexus LS460

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Lexus LS46044 most powerful automotive magazines from 22 countries this years World Car of the Year selected luxury sedan Lexus LS460, the ceremony was held and the prize was awarded in New York’s cars show yesterday. Second place was followed by Mini and 3rd by Audi TT. (more…)

Brabus Mercedes R-Class

Mercedes Benz R-ClassTuning firm Brabus has offered own tuning-program for new crossover Mercedes Benz R-Class. And offers to the German company on completion of the car concern all updates of this model, including diesel version. Mercedes R350 Brabus suggest to force up to 332 horsepowers, having increased in passing working volume of the base motor up to four litres. Diesel update, after completions of German studio, develops power in 272 horsepowers, instead of 224 in the base version, and the maximal torque of the engine increases with 510 up to 590 Nm. As a result, this car can be accelerated from zero up to hundred kilometers in 8,2-seconds, and its maximal speed at 227 kilometers per hour.