Hot Audi TT-R will be on the streets soon

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German car manufacturer Audi prepares for display of new versions of a coupe and a roadster of family of a TT with five-cylinder engine – 2.3 l. In the near future occurrence of the new version of a TT in bodies “coupe” and “roadster” is expected, however, while it is difficult to confirm for certain something about its characteristics. The considerable quantity of guesses about the power unit which will serve as the engine for a new supercoupe has been put forward, whether there is them a working model of engine V6 in volume of 3.2 l with double charge or it will be absolutely new five-cylinder turbo engine. (more…)

Toyota Blade Master G

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Toyota prepares to exhaust model Blade Master G intended for the Japanese market. The new car will make competition Volkswagen Golf. (more…)

BMW M3 CLS Is Coming

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The Vice-president of Bavarian auto concern BMW Gerhard Richter has confirmed, that will shortly go on sale BMW M3 CLS. (more…)

The New Audi Q3

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German automobile magazine Autobild has published preliminary images of new model Audi Q3. The novelty from the German company presumably will appear in the market in 2009. Q3 has been shown public in a kind concept Cross Coupe. (more…)

Look of new BMW X6

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Edition Car Magazine has published computer images of the newest full-sized off-road car BMW Х6. (more…)

Mazda СХ-7 New Crossover

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Turbo engine 2.3 DISI with direct injection of fuel. Dispersal to hundred kilometres per hour for 7.9 seconds. Six-step “automatic machine”, the climate control, active and passive safety. All is new crossover Mazda СХ-7 which besides the qualities set forth above, possesses also unusually successful design.

Chevrolet Lanos start

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The company “Incorporated transport technologies” has started project realisation in the Russian area on manufacture Chevrolet Lanos. Official and director Maxim Kaplun have informed on it. As write “Sheets”, agreement period of validity makes 7 years. ОТТ will receive privileges for import of import accessories for assembly of cars Chevrolet Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo and AUDI Sens (it is created on the basis of Chevrolet Lanos), assembled now in Englang and completed with engines of Chevrolet. (more…)

Suzuki Splash New Car From Suzuki

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Suzuki SpalshJapanese company Suzuki has published the additional information about new to minipenalty Suzuki Splash which will let out at factory in Hungary, and will show officially at an exhibition in Frankfurt. Next year Suzuki plans to transfer Splash in hands not less than 60 thousand Europeans. (more…)

New Chevrolet Malibu with hybrid engine

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Nearby to Detroit the photographer-fan has photographed test car Chevrolet Malibu, apparently, with a hybrid power-plant under a cowl. The emblem “Hybrid” has been preliminary removed from a lateral surface of a body of the car. It is informed, that the car should receive precisely same power-plant, as well as hybrid Saturn Aura with which Malibu divides a body design. (more…)

Porsche GT Street

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Command TechArt always transformed magnificent Porsche into something especial, doing from quite self-sufficient cars absolutely unique bolid. Receiving a new life, they not only entered it with a new name, but also were charged by absolutely unique power and terrible technical possibilities, keeping thus family lines. Porsche GT Street already was born once when attention have not bypassed model Turbo in 996 body, time of the second generation now has come. In TechArt have underlined, that work on a following masterpiece on the basis of Porsche Turbo in 997 body has begun with a blank leaf so no components from the previous generation at new model are present, except for an overall objective – again to create one of the fast civil Porsche.

Nissan Versa 2008

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Japanese company Nissan at last was delivered of a novelty, having filled up a ruler of production realised in the USA exposed in dealer, a sedan and hatchback Versa 2008 modelling years on which the motor-car manufacturer does the serious rate. Nissan North America plans to sell less than for a year of 50 000 new cars. (more…)

VW Multivan T5 4MOTION

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Readers of magazine Auto Bild Allrad in third time named Volkswagen Multivan T5 4MOTION the most popular all-wheel drive van of 2007. In voting has taken part more than 35 000 persons. Readers were offered to make a choice of 112 models of cars of 9 various classes. In a category of all-wheel drive buses and vans of 40 % of readers have preferred Multivan T5 4MOTION as to the most popular car of year. (more…)

New Details about Volkswagen Tiguan

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Volkswagen has started in Namibia a finishing phase of working out of new crossover Tiguan – the car passes last honing tests. On the African continent engineers Volkswagen, except other, will test work of new radio-and navigating system. On Tiguan the whole complex of systems of the help to the driver in overcoming of the difficult road conditions, named “Offroad Mode” is tested also. It is necessary to press the button and an arsenal of various systems it is activated and transforms a crossover into the present off-road car. (more…)

New Opel Meriva

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For the first time the prototype of the new minivan Opel Meriva which exit on the market is expected next year has got to photographers-paparazzi on eyes. (more…)

Jaguar XJ is coming on 2009

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Company Jaguar prepares new generation of model XJ which debut should take place in the end of 2009.
British count, that the new model becomes the serious player in a segment of luxury cars. (more…)

Skoda Octavia А5

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Since the birth in March, 2004 and to this day Skoda Octavia А5 remained in full inviolability. Now, according to designers of the Czech mark, has come it is time to update shape of popular model as time flies quickly, and to a motor show in Frankfurt where the modernised sample will be shown, remains not so a lot of time. (more…)

Mazda 2 ready for serial production

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Today at the Japanese factory of company Mazda from the conveyor the first compact hatchback under an index “2” which first copies as it is supposed, will arrive in salons of dealers in home market of the Country of a rising sun already after some days – in the first days of summer has descended. (more…)

Spy photos of Peugeot 207 SW

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In the summer of this year in the European market will appear Peugeot 207 SW Universal.
New model Peugeot has been caught by photographers-spies during transportation in the dealer centres of the company. (more…)

Lexus LS600h – competitor to Mercedes S-class and 7 series BMW

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Company Toyota released on home market of Japan hybrid sedan Lexus LS 600h which as the manufacturer when the turn will reach global sales assumes, in a premium-segment will make competition BMW of 7th series and Mercedes a S-class. Anyway, under the price…
For a long time mark Lexus remains the leader on a sales volume in the USA. Nevertheless, in world sales of cars of this mark do not go to any comparison with indicators of German competitors that is caused by position Lexus in the markets of Europe and Japan.

Under the statement of Toyota the version with a hybrid benzinovo-electric drive can render beneficial influence on the share of the company falling to cars of a premium-class.

In 2007 Toyota plans to sell more than 7 thousand cars worldwide, including 4 thousand cars in Japan. Export deliveries will begin next month. Thus the company says that, eventually, new LS 600h will be accessible in the markets more than 30 countries of the world. The company predicts, that general sales Lexus current year will exceed 500 thousand units in comparison with 475 thousand units in 2006. However it only the third part of sales volume BMW expected in current year which are the world leader in manufacture of cars of a premium-class.
Lexus LS600h
The price for LS 600h will be 9,7 million yens ($80300) whereas LS 600hL with the extended base, for the first time presented last spring on a motor show in New York, 10,25 million yens ($84850) will cost. Such price does hybrid LS by the most expensive car in ruler Lexus which Toyоta will sell outside of Japan, and also puts this model in one price level with BMW 7th series and Mercedes a S-class.

Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster

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Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster Mercedes announced that they will start to sell roadster version of Mercedes SLR McLaren. (more…)

Skoda will show in Shanghai Octavia Mingrui

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Skoda Octavia MingruiOctavia Mingrui – the modern car similar to the European cars on style and much modified according to needs of the Chinese market. Three variants of engines will be accessible to hatchback Octavia Mingrui: 1,8T FSI with a turbo-supercharging power 160 h.p., 1,6 MPI power 102 h.p. and 2,0 FSI power 150 h.p.

Except for this novelty, Skoda Auto will present visitors of the Motor show one of the first cars – Laurin and Klement Voiturette A which prime-minister took place on the Prague Motor show in 1906. At the stand of mark the area more than 1 100. It will be possible to see Octavia RS, Octavia Scout and Superb in the maximal complete set – L&K.
On the international Motor show in Shanghai company Skoda Auto will present model Octavia created specially for the Chinese market. Its assembly will take place at a new factory of mark in China. Cooperation agreement Shanghai Volkswagen and Skoda Auto has been signed on April, 11th, 2005. In March, 2006 there have been officially begun works on the organization of a network of sales and maintenance service. On March, 28th, 2007 the first conceptual dealer center Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda meeting all corporate standards of mark Skoda has been open. The Batch production of cars Škoda Octavia is planned to begin with the middle of 2007, and industrial lines of cars Fabia and Superb later will be added.

For a year Skoda Auto plans to sell in China more than 100 000 cars after full start of a factory in Shanghai and the beginnings of manufacture of three modelling lines of mark. Having realized for 2006 549 667 cars, Skoda Auto has stepped over a boundary in volume of manufacture. In comparison with 2005 global sales of the company have increased on 11,7 %. It has allowed 2006 to become the most successful in history of mark Skoda.

FAB Design takes Mercedes CL600

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FAB Mercedes CL600Company FAB Design for a long time specializes on tuning of cars of DM Mercedes, paying special attention to parameters of the motor and an aerowhale. This time the studio has worked above CL600. Owing to a special package S60 BT engineers FAB managed to raise parameters of the engine V12 Mercedes up to 650 h.p. powers and 1121 Nanometers of the twisting moment. (more…)

Murcielago Superleggera has got on tests

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Murcielago SuperleggeraLamborghini has released on market Gallardo Superleggera and has started development of version Superleggera model of Murcielago. (more…)

Nissan Qashqai with a two-liter diesel engine

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Nissan Qashqai At factory Nissan in a Sunderland, the Great Britain, assembly of the new version Qashqai equipped by the modern two-liter diesel engine, developed Nissan together with Renault has started. The new engine, which code designation M1D, makes 150 h.p. powers on 4000 rev/min and 320 Nanometers of the moment on 2000 rev/min and provides the charge of fuel no more than 5,5 l on 100 km of a way. (more…)

Limited series Fiat 500

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Fiat 500Company Fiat starts to accept orders for model 500 which has been which has been released by special set up to official prime-ministers in the summer of this year.

Visitors of the international furniture exhibition which have opened in Milan can order one of numbered from 1 up to 500 copies mini car, personally having chosen color of a body and furnish of the car. Besides usual 500 Fiat suggests to order also customized version of model from Italian design-studio Cappellini. After registration of the order to the potential buyer will suggest to consider the chosen car in 3-D projections, and then to receive and listing of the car. It is interesting, that for 500 company yet has not announced the price – its customer finds out only after will confirm the consent to purchase.

The official presentation new Fiat 500 takes place on July, 4th in Turin.

New Volvo S60 will appear in 2009

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Volvo S60Swedish company Volvo works above new generation sedan which output on the market of the Europe is planned on 2009/2010. (more…)

New BMW X5 went out in March

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BMW X5New X5, it is essential more predecessor: at length he “has grown” almost on 200 mm that has allowed to increase considerably space in interior. Besides now as an option in X5 the third line of seats is offered.

“Bavarian” obviously plans to reserve glory of the most dynamical SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle. Most modest of engines with which it will be completed BMW X5, becomes the 3-liter diesel motor power 231 h.p.

Among two petrol units for a novelty of special attention the newest deserves топовый motor V8 (4.8 л, 355 h.p.). Third of offered engines – six-cylinder petrol: 3 л, 272 h.p.

New 2007 BMW M3

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2007 BMW M3The new bmw m3 was presented couple days ago. The new M3 will have 420 HP engine under the hood. 3.8 kgs of the car will carry 1 horse power. It will have 8 cylinders 4.0 l engine. Torque 400 Nm with 3900 turns a minute. The car is 1655 kg and from 0 to 100 km/h will take only 4.8 s. Maximum speed of this new BMW M3 is 250 km/h. Average fule consumptio is 12.6 per 100 kilometers. Also the car will be with 6 speeds manual gear box. The exact date of when it will be available to buy is not set but they say it will be this year.

American version of Suzuki SX4

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On autoshow in New York took place prime-minister of sedan Suzuki SX4 prepared for the North-American market.

Suzuki SX4This car debuted the last month on a motor show in Geneva. (more…)

The New BMW M6

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BMW M6BMW from the occurrence by summer of 2003 many compared 6-th series to a predatory fish. The cut forms, the concave surfaces and a severe grin of a lattice with small eyes-headlights cause such associations. Time of most predatory of all sharks born at factories of the Bavarian concern has come.

Main difference М6 from « the simple six » – the engine. It is the V-shaped ten-cylinder motor power 507 h.p. with system adjustments of phases Double VANOS and individual electron-operated throttle for each cylinder. (more…)

The Best Car of 2007 – Lexus LS460

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Lexus LS46044 most powerful automotive magazines from 22 countries this years World Car of the Year selected luxury sedan Lexus LS460, the ceremony was held and the prize was awarded in New York’s cars show yesterday. Second place was followed by Mini and 3rd by Audi TT. (more…)

Opel Astra GTC

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Opel Astra GTC

The autumn flower, or star – to whom as is pleasant more, shininh in full beauty. A modelling number collected. Opel has filled up scale universal (the sedan, by the way, will not be – not European it has put now) and the hot version by name GTC. It is deciphered as Gran Turismo Compact – such to itself compact . “Having lit” the car in September in Paris, the firm plans the beginning of sales for spring of next year. (more…)