Audi TTS – New Sporty Coupe

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Audi TTSThe new sports car – Audi TTS, a coupe crowning a lineup is raised.

Under a novelty cowl there is two-litre motor TFSI power of 272 h.p. which disperses the car to 100 km/hour for 5,2 seconds the Greatest twisting moment – 350 Nanometers – is reached in a range of 2500-5000 turns. The maximum speed Audi TTS with the electronic arrester makes 250 km/hour. The car is accessible as in a body “coupe” of the landing formula 2+2, and in version “roadster”. (more…)

Audi R8 V10 is back on Nurburgring

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Audi R8 V10Company Audi has renewed tests of new super car R8 after in April of this year directly on the Nurburgrings track has burnt down by first prototype Audi R8 V10.

The manufacturer has equipped a new prototype with the advanced fire-prevention system, that it is no wonder as to restore car in cost over an euro half-million is problematic enough. The system becomes more active pressing of two red buttons which are established outside near to a vanity mirror from the driver’s party. (more…)

Lotus Exige Sport 240

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Lotus Exige SportCompany Lotus has declared, what exactly the Australian market is the leader on sale of English models. Only this year the company has sold on 20 % of the cars more than in 2006. In October in the market there will be one more model Lotus Exige Sport 240 developed by Australian compartment Lotus.
Sport penalties will equip with the 240-strong forced engine at maximum a twisting moment of 230 Nm. (more…)

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Bentley has presented the most powerful serial car in the world, its Bentley Continental GT Speed with the engine of 600 h.p. its a super car. (more…)

2007 Porsche Sportec SP580

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Sportec – new embodiment Porsche 911 Turbo – the name “SP580″ has received for corresponding amount of “horses” under a cowl in car “tail”. (more…)

Debut of Callaway C16 Speedster

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Company Callaway has declared, that on August, 19th, 2007 at Competition of elegant cars in the American small town the Pebbl-scourge (Pebble Beach) will take place presentation of the newest sport penalty C16 Speedster. (more…)

BMW M3 CLS Is Coming

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The Vice-president of Bavarian auto concern BMW Gerhard Richter has confirmed, that will shortly go on sale BMW M3 CLS. (more…)

Porsche 911 GT2 is the fastest from 911 series

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Company Porsche in a threshold of a September motor show in Frankfurt has realeased the official press release devoted to new model Porsche 911 GT2. (more…)

1G Racing Noble M400 Rossion Q1

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The American company 1G Racing has redeemed at firm Noble of the right to manufacture of supercars Noble M400 and M12. (more…)

Ferrari F430 CS Spy Photos

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Ferrari F430 CS frontCompany Ferrari prepares the street version of racing model Challenge Stradale: the first prototype of a novelty was lighted on tests. The tradition of release of “hot” cars which in many respects copy the well-known racing predecessors, is not new. Italian reduction CS is deciphered as Challenge Stradale, that in a free translation on the designates. (more…)

Porsche GT Street

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Command TechArt always transformed magnificent Porsche into something especial, doing from quite self-sufficient cars absolutely unique bolid. Receiving a new life, they not only entered it with a new name, but also were charged by absolutely unique power and terrible technical possibilities, keeping thus family lines. Porsche GT Street already was born once when attention have not bypassed model Turbo in 996 body, time of the second generation now has come. In TechArt have underlined, that work on a following masterpiece on the basis of Porsche Turbo in 997 body has begun with a blank leaf so no components from the previous generation at new model are present, except for an overall objective – again to create one of the fast civil Porsche.

Cadillac announced new details about BLS

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Sept. 13 show at the Cadillac company auto show in Frankfurt new touring BLS. The European model will be in November. BLS recorded line motors, which includes turbo diesel, three gasoline engine and machine capable of converting bioethanol. Diesel engine has a capacity of 180 hp petrol engines will be supplemented turbochargers, the most powerful of them will be able to issue 255 hp. power. Transmission of this model, the following : “engineer”, a five-automatic and automatic transmissions. All have automatic spe-cial sports mode. (more…)

BMW Refreshed Its 6-Class

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Bavarians have strengthened safety of the car, hardly have changed an ex-terrier and have updated the instrument console. The debut of the modernised compartments and a cabriolet of the sixth series will take place at an automobile exhibition in Frankfurt in September. (more…)

Ultima Sports

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Ultima GTR720 – the serial car made by the small company in the British Leicestershire which specialises on manufacturing “piece” double super cars, with an enviable regularity updating world records of speed, has shown again, “who in the house the owner”. (more…)

Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster

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Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster Mercedes announced that they will start to sell roadster version of Mercedes SLR McLaren. (more…)

Murcielago Superleggera has got on tests

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Murcielago SuperleggeraLamborghini has released on market Gallardo Superleggera and has started development of version Superleggera model of Murcielago. (more…)

Corvette Blue Devil

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General Motors has confirmed start in 2009 of a batch production of model Blue Devil, having noted, that penalties is in last phase of development. (more…)

New 2007 BMW M3

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2007 BMW M3The new bmw m3 was presented couple days ago. The new M3 will have 420 HP engine under the hood. 3.8 kgs of the car will carry 1 horse power. It will have 8 cylinders 4.0 l engine. Torque 400 Nm with 3900 turns a minute. The car is 1655 kg and from 0 to 100 km/h will take only 4.8 s. Maximum speed of this new BMW M3 is 250 km/h. Average fule consumptio is 12.6 per 100 kilometers. Also the car will be with 6 speeds manual gear box. The exact date of when it will be available to buy is not set but they say it will be this year.

The New BMW M6

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BMW M6BMW from the occurrence by summer of 2003 many compared 6-th series to a predatory fish. The cut forms, the concave surfaces and a severe grin of a lattice with small eyes-headlights cause such associations. Time of most predatory of all sharks born at factories of the Bavarian concern has come.

Main difference М6 from « the simple six » – the engine. It is the V-shaped ten-cylinder motor power 507 h.p. with system adjustments of phases Double VANOS and individual electron-operated throttle for each cylinder. (more…)

The Best Car of 2007 – Lexus LS460

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Lexus LS46044 most powerful automotive magazines from 22 countries this years World Car of the Year selected luxury sedan Lexus LS460, the ceremony was held and the prize was awarded in New York’s cars show yesterday. Second place was followed by Mini and 3rd by Audi TT. (more…)

Koenigsegg CC 8S

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Koenigsegg CC 8SSuper car with the stocky body which has dropped to road differs rather unusual scheme of opening of doors – they not simply rise upwards as traditional type, but also are removed in the sides. From it seems, that they “are unscrewed”. In addition the demountable roof is easily removed in the luggage carrier located in front. From here, by the way, and letters СС (Coupe/Convertible) in the name.


Maserati Coupe

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Maserati CoupeThe design of the car was developed in Italian studio ” Pininfarina “, in the same place, where also new big sedan Quattroporte. (more…)

Lamborghini Murcielago

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Lamborghini MurcielagoThe world around auto seems sketches of the abstract artist. The validity has turned to a set of the bright greased multi-coloured spots. It shivers and flickers. And behind a back from black plastic сот in a forage with snorting air is pulled out hot. In a motor compartment breathes 48 valves of dozen cylinders. The working volume of everyone – is more half liter, power – almost 50 h.p. In the sum turns out 580 horses.