Hot Audi TT-R will be on the streets soon

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German car manufacturer Audi prepares for display of new versions of a coupe and a roadster of family of a TT with five-cylinder engine – 2.3 l. In the near future occurrence of the new version of a TT in bodies “coupe” and “roadster” is expected, however, while it is difficult to confirm for certain something about its characteristics. The considerable quantity of guesses about the power unit which will serve as the engine for a new supercoupe has been put forward, whether there is them a working model of engine V6 in volume of 3.2 l with double charge or it will be absolutely new five-cylinder turbo engine. (more…)

Debut of Callaway C16 Speedster

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Company Callaway has declared, that on August, 19th, 2007 at Competition of elegant cars in the American small town the Pebbl-scourge (Pebble Beach) will take place presentation of the newest sport penalty C16 Speedster. (more…)

Volkswagen Phaeton Coupe Cabrio

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German company Volkswagen has decided to update a ruler of model Phaeton and will shortly exhaust Phaeton in a body “coupe-cabriolet”. (more…)