Carlsson Mercedes CK65 AMG Eau Rouge Limited Edition

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The new sports car under name CK65 Eau Rouge Limited Edition from tuning studio Carlsson debuts on a motor show in Frankfurt. (more…)

Mercedes CLS 350 tuned by A.R.T

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Experts of German tuning studio A.R.T. Have presented the version of “completion” Mercedes CLS 350. If the owner of the car has suddenly considered, that it does not get the grace connected to a habit, he should address urgently in studio which will change model, having added it of elegance and sports character. (more…)

Brabus tuned Mercedes-Benz E V12

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Brabus Mercedes V12Tuned car Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 is known for that is the fastest sedan produced in lots. Tremendous dynamic characteristics Mercedes-Benz E V12, but also a special aerodynamic weather-cloth gives to the car not only tuning of the engine and technical stuffing Brabus. Lateral profile thresholds, a face-to-face and rear bumper with spoilers serve not only as ornaments, and considerably improve aerodynamic indicators that tests in a special tube have visually shown. Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 “is put” in 19-inch wheels with cast disks with rubber Pirelli 255/35 on a front axle and 285/30 on the rear. (more…)

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL Tuning

Mercedes-Benz GL BrabusFor creation of the improved aerodynamic indicators of Mercedes-Benz GL, experts Brabus have suggested to equip a front part of the car with a sports bumper with the built in four headlights (two main headlights and two antifog) and a “frightening” trapezoid air intake. To underline aggressive customs of an off-road car it was possible also at the expense of lateral thresholds, a stylish bumper with the choke tube in a tailpiece, and an additional spoiler on a luggage compartment door. Also we will notice, that lateral thresholds have been equipped by light-emitting diodes which “burn” only at door opening, and during movement “sleep”, so this course reminds nothing the trite and banal illumination of the bottom so favourite by our homebrew tuning companies. (more…)

Mercedes-Benz M-Class Edition 10

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The Mercedes-Benz company has celebrated birthday of an off-road car of the M-class. The model descends from the conveyor here ten years and is popular all over the world. (more…)

Mercedes C63 AMG tested in the rain

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New Generation Mercedes C-class Edition AMG running refining capacity in bad weather. The new C63 AMG will be staffed 6.3-liter upgraded V8 engine that can provide not less than 520 horsepower power, but may be that this option will be reduced to 400-420 hp, in the view of developers, more than acceptable for a compact sedan. Premier Mercedes C63 AMG is to be held in September this year at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Mercedes S-Class Bluetec

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Company Mercedes has started to work over the new version of a S-class with the diesel engine, the fuel expense on which does not exceed 6.6 l on 100 km of a way. (more…)

Mercedes GLK being tested

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Mercedes GLKMercedes the Nurnburgring short base compact crossover GLK has started tests for a track. The novelty on the basis of a C-class winds circles on a Nurnburgring together with BMW X3 to which in the near future the car will make a competition. (more…)

Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster

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Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster Mercedes announced that they will start to sell roadster version of Mercedes SLR McLaren. (more…)

Brabus Mercedes R-Class

Mercedes Benz R-ClassTuning firm Brabus has offered own tuning-program for new crossover Mercedes Benz R-Class. And offers to the German company on completion of the car concern all updates of this model, including diesel version. Mercedes R350 Brabus suggest to force up to 332 horsepowers, having increased in passing working volume of the base motor up to four litres. Diesel update, after completions of German studio, develops power in 272 horsepowers, instead of 224 in the base version, and the maximal torque of the engine increases with 510 up to 590 Nm. As a result, this car can be accelerated from zero up to hundred kilometers in 8,2-seconds, and its maximal speed at 227 kilometers per hour.