Lexus LS460 tuned by Fabulous

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The Japanese tuning studio specialising on creation of complete sets of external tuning for Toyota and Lexus could not ignore flagman model of a luxury brand. (more…)

Lexus Will Add Crossovers to their production line

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The largest Japanese autoconcern Toyota declared replenishment of the flagman family Lexus until recently presented in home market of the Country of a rising sun, basically, the sedans, two new off-road cars.

Lexus GS-F on 2009

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Lexus GS-FThis year on autoshow in Detroit Lexus has presented model IS-F – the car with the 400-strong engine, ready to compete with BMW M3. (more…)

Lexus LS600h – competitor to Mercedes S-class and 7 series BMW

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Company Toyota released on home market of Japan hybrid sedan Lexus LS 600h which as the manufacturer when the turn will reach global sales assumes, in a premium-segment will make competition BMW of 7th series and Mercedes a S-class. Anyway, under the price…
For a long time mark Lexus remains the leader on a sales volume in the USA. Nevertheless, in world sales of cars of this mark do not go to any comparison with indicators of German competitors that is caused by position Lexus in the markets of Europe and Japan.

Under the statement of Toyota the version with a hybrid benzinovo-electric drive can render beneficial influence on the share of the company falling to cars of a premium-class.

In 2007 Toyota plans to sell more than 7 thousand cars worldwide, including 4 thousand cars in Japan. Export deliveries will begin next month. Thus the company says that, eventually, new LS 600h will be accessible in the markets more than 30 countries of the world. The company predicts, that general sales Lexus current year will exceed 500 thousand units in comparison with 475 thousand units in 2006. However it only the third part of sales volume BMW expected in current year which are the world leader in manufacture of cars of a premium-class.
Lexus LS600h
The price for LS 600h will be 9,7 million yens ($80300) whereas LS 600hL with the extended base, for the first time presented last spring on a motor show in New York, 10,25 million yens ($84850) will cost. Such price does hybrid LS by the most expensive car in ruler Lexus which Toyоta will sell outside of Japan, and also puts this model in one price level with BMW 7th series and Mercedes a S-class.

Toyota and Lexus have won “roller” competitions

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Within the limits of the New York autoshow company IAG Research has lead ceremony of rewarding of the motor-car manufacturers which have created the most impressing television advertising production for promotion of the brands to the consumer, to appreciate which we offer our readers.

Two of five awards have received brands Toyota and Lexus. Winners have been certain on the basis of data IAG Research about efficiency of the advertising, received as a result online-interrogation more than 1.5 million televiewers.

The Best Car of 2007 – Lexus LS460

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Lexus LS46044 most powerful automotive magazines from 22 countries this years World Car of the Year selected luxury sedan Lexus LS460, the ceremony was held and the prize was awarded in New York’s cars show yesterday. Second place was followed by Mini and 3rd by Audi TT. (more…)