Audi TTS – New Sporty Coupe

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Audi TTSThe new sports car – Audi TTS, a coupe crowning a lineup is raised.

Under a novelty cowl there is two-litre motor TFSI power of 272 h.p. which disperses the car to 100 km/hour for 5,2 seconds the Greatest twisting moment – 350 Nanometers – is reached in a range of 2500-5000 turns. The maximum speed Audi TTS with the electronic arrester makes 250 km/hour. The car is accessible as in a body “coupe” of the landing formula 2+2, and in version “roadster”. (more…)

Carlsson Mercedes CK65 AMG Eau Rouge Limited Edition

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The new sports car under name CK65 Eau Rouge Limited Edition from tuning studio Carlsson debuts on a motor show in Frankfurt. (more…)

Hot Audi TT-R will be on the streets soon

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German car manufacturer Audi prepares for display of new versions of a coupe and a roadster of family of a TT with five-cylinder engine – 2.3 l. In the near future occurrence of the new version of a TT in bodies “coupe” and “roadster” is expected, however, while it is difficult to confirm for certain something about its characteristics. The considerable quantity of guesses about the power unit which will serve as the engine for a new supercoupe has been put forward, whether there is them a working model of engine V6 in volume of 3.2 l with double charge or it will be absolutely new five-cylinder turbo engine. (more…)

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Bentley has presented the most powerful serial car in the world, its Bentley Continental GT Speed with the engine of 600 h.p. its a super car. (more…)

BMW Z4 M Coupe tuned by AC Schnitzer

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Tuned BMW Z4 MStudio AC Schnitzer has prepared impressing package of operational development for powerful coupe BMW Z4 M. Z4 M concerns the category of those cars which any more are not subject to completion as the M-department of concern BMW has achieved everything that it is possible to receive from a sports coupe. (more…)

2007 Porsche Sportec SP580

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Sportec – new embodiment Porsche 911 Turbo – the name “SP580″ has received for corresponding amount of “horses” under a cowl in car “tail”. (more…)

Volkswagen Phaeton Coupe Cabrio

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German company Volkswagen has decided to update a ruler of model Phaeton and will shortly exhaust Phaeton in a body “coupe-cabriolet”. (more…)

Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006

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Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006In a year this car, most likely, will rise on the conveyor for now it is presented as concept. Infiniti Coupe Concept should become the successor present G35 Coupe, issued with 2002 year. To justify a rank concept and it is more favourable to present the car to public, designers have allocated with its some “conceptual” details, such as light-emitting diode headlights and the rear-view cameras mounted instead of mirrors. In the rest it is thin processing G35 Coupe. (more…)