Mitsubishi Concept-ZT to replace Galant

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Japanese motorcar giant Mitsubishi is intended to expose on a motor show in Tokyo couple concept cars at once. Most interesting of them – Mitsubishi Concept-ZT. The conceptual car is suspiciously similar to model Galant which, quite probably, it in the future will replace on the conveyor. (more…)

Ferrari Zagato Spyder is back!

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Ferrari prepares for release of new model Zagato Spyder. This name here already throughout 60 years for many motorists directly associates with the Italian motor industry. The glorified name ascends the sources to classical Ferrari 50th years with the folding top, carrying a title of the best model of mark.

Toyota Blade Master G

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Toyota prepares to exhaust model Blade Master G intended for the Japanese market. The new car will make competition Volkswagen Golf. (more…)

Debut of Callaway C16 Speedster

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Company Callaway has declared, that on August, 19th, 2007 at Competition of elegant cars in the American small town the Pebbl-scourge (Pebble Beach) will take place presentation of the newest sport penalty C16 Speedster. (more…)

The New Audi Q3

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German automobile magazine Autobild has published preliminary images of new model Audi Q3. The novelty from the German company presumably will appear in the market in 2009. Q3 has been shown public in a kind concept Cross Coupe. (more…)

Look of new BMW X6

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Edition Car Magazine has published computer images of the newest full-sized off-road car BMW Х6. (more…)

2009 Porsche Panamera

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Photographers-spies of British journal CarMagazin have tracked down a prototype of new coupe Porsche Panamera in the USA. (more…)

Toyota Sequoia

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New off-road car Toyota Sequoia has been caught on obligatory engineering tests in the USA. Under a camouflage of prototypes two new furnish of an ex-terrier of the car – SR5 and “Limited” disappear. (more…)

Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006

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Infiniti Coupe Concept 2006In a year this car, most likely, will rise on the conveyor for now it is presented as concept. Infiniti Coupe Concept should become the successor present G35 Coupe, issued with 2002 year. To justify a rank concept and it is more favourable to present the car to public, designers have allocated with its some “conceptual” details, such as light-emitting diode headlights and the rear-view cameras mounted instead of mirrors. In the rest it is thin processing G35 Coupe. (more…)

Spy Photos of BMW X6

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BMW X6Engineers BMW have started tests in hot Californian desert of a prototype of new off-road car BMW Х6. Through an oversight of a command one of the most interesting parts of the car – a back door thanks to what the paparazzi managed to be glanced and in car “interior” has been left opened. (more…)

Concept Buick Riviera may be out for serial production

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Concept Buick Riviera, presented to this year on the Shanghai motor show and awarded numerous positive responses, can be started with the big share of probability in a batch production. Vice chairman of GM has hinted at it Bob Lutz during online conference. He has noticed, that at concept Buick Riviera very attractive design and it is designed under placing of the new hybrid system which manufacture will be organised by the company on joint venture Shanghai GM in China. (more…)

Spy photos of Chevrolet HHR SS

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There are pictures of road tests Chevrolet HHR SS with almost ready, camouflage comes to “nose” the car, and that major changes will occur. HHR as “loaded” version of SS will be equipped with an engine turbo Ecotec 2-litre capacity and 260 hp The same engine to drive Pontiac Solstice GXP. Exterior HHR SS convert new radiator grille, large air slits and modified bumper with integrated interkulerom. (more…)

Lightning GT – new generation electromobile

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Engineers British Lightning Car Company managed “to guide to rustle” in noble family of electromobiles, as a rule, not differing in the special speed and power of electromotors, having created “beast” under which cowl 700 “horsies” have gone in. Thus it is supposed, that the novelty will be already mass-produced by next year.

Buick Velite goes to serial production

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Mark Buick has confirmed expansion of the lineup to four models – the car on a basis of concept Velite, shown in 2004 in New York can become a novelty. (more…)

Ford X-MAX presentation in Frankfurt

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Last year, within the limits of the Parisian motor show has been shown concept Ford Iosis-X – five doors a sport crossover with bright design. Later it has been declared, that Iosis-X it will be started up in a batch production. The first sample of new model the company will present in September on an exposition in Frankfurt.

Exclusive Ferrari Vandenbrink

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Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink has developed on the basis of Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano five exclusive super cars. Superpenalties Ferrari Vandenbrink 599 GTO it is developed in design studio Vanderbrink. (more…)

Spy photos of Lincoln MKS

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On tests the prototype of the new car of mark Lincoln, shown in a conceptual kind on the Detroit autoshow of 2006 “was lighted”. Lincoln MKS Concept debuted at an exhibition in Detroit in January of last year. (more…)

Volkswagen GTI W12 Concept

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Company Volkswagen represents concept GTI W12 – the super-power version of popular hatchback GTI. The car is equipped by the 12-cylinder engine in volume of 6.0 l which allows GTI W12 to start from zero to 100 km/h of all for 3.7 seconds. (more…)

Ford F-150 Foose

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Ford F-150 FooseOn come to the end in New York on April, 16th scale autoshow with success there has taken place presentation of the most high-speed in the world of pickup Ford F-150 Foose, to one of which founders became the well-known American designer and the designer of jotas-sorts Chip Fuz.

The new pickup is constructed on the basis of F-150 FX2 Sport. The car is equipped by the eight-cylinder petrol 5,4-liter engine with a mechanical supercharger. Power of a power-plant is equal to 450 horsepowers, and the maximal twisting moment in 675 Nanometers is reached at 4000 turns in a minute. The motor of a novelty works in pair with a four-stage automatic box of transfers.

Ford F-150 Foose Edition has received the underestimated sports suspension bracket, a new lattice of a radiator, “skirt” and a forward bumper. On the car are installed 22-inch wheels with tire covers Pirelli dimension 275/45.

In New York F-150 Foose Edition has been presented as concept-penalties, however in interiors of the American dealers of autoconcern Ford the serial car will arrive in the autumn. Thus cost of a novelty while remains secret.

Volkswagen Tiguan

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Volkswagen TiguanCompany Volkswagen starts the special microsite, devoted to absolutely new crossover Tiguan which official debut takes place in half a year on motorshow in Frankfurt.

Batch production Tiguan will begin in November. On a site high-quality rollers, wall-papers and other information on model which will replenish all with new data in process of approximation of date prime-ministers of the car contain. VW suggests potential buyers of a crossover to familiarize with history of creation Tiguan – from the first sketch before show-penalty and the serial car.

In June, it is informed on a site, users can lead virtual test drive of a novelty and experiment with a choice of furnish of interior and a set of equipment.

Tiguan in the form of concept has been presented the last autumn on motorshow in Los Angeles.

Audi RSQ

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Audi RSQTo begin acquaintance to this unusual car, probably, it would be possible from such words: “Movie company Centory Fox” represents the Twentieth century … They created a film “I, robot” on motives of the same series of stories of Isaac Azimov. (more…)