Hummer H3 Black Edition – The Black Magic

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The European admirers of legendary mark Hummer pine in an exit anticipation on the market of the exclusive version of model H3.Hummer H3, blackEach of 50 copies of the limited circulation of model H3 considerably differs from the standard version thanks to exclusive black coloring of a body, and also presence of a small external tuning package. A unique brilliant element in an ex-terrier of the car there are headlights as all other details also are sustained in black color, including radiator lattice, steps, frames of mirrors, handles of doors, and also the wheels.

Version of Hummer H3 and in interior remains the panel of devices and a seat is true to only black colour in which are executed the central extension housing.

The off-road car complete set includes navigating system.

Sales of the exclusive model which cost is more expensive than standard version H3 on €5 thousand, start in the end of December.