Mitsubishi Concept-ZT to replace Galant

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Japanese motorcar giant Mitsubishi is intended to expose on a motor show in Tokyo couple concept cars at once. Most interesting of them – Mitsubishi Concept-ZT. The conceptual car is suspiciously similar to model Galant which, quite probably, it in the future will replace on the conveyor.
Concept ZTThe car will show all technical achievements of the company. It is equipped by the newest systems of passive safety which operate much more effectively the former. The car is literally stuffed by various sensor controls, for shares of second opening the safety pillows, tightening seat belts and in time many other things.

Besides it, motorists should estimate and new parktornic, which itself turns wheels at a parking, and the driver needs to press a brake pedal in time only.

At a passing the design of the car reminds outlines Galant. The Japanese engineers have decided to refuse fashionable tendencies and have created the car of the classical forms, which basic lines – the elegance, an intriguing “malicious” sight, monumentalism.

Interior Mitsubishi Concept ZT remains while a riddle. It is known only, that the interior will sparkle aluminium with high-quality plastic.

Concept-ZT Will receive the 188-strong diesel engine in volume of 2.2-l. For the owners, dreaming to feel racers, the special sports gear box is provided.

For the best behaviour of the car on road and stability, it it decided to equip with an all wheel drive, road-holding ability system, and to put a sedan on 20-inch wheels.