TechArt tuned Porsche 911 Carrera

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TechArt have passed operational development Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S. The Tuning Studio has become famous for that is engaged in tuning of Porsche cars. The studio has developed special tuning programs which include not only external operational development of the car, but also internal For two models 911 Carrera.

Carrera 911 tunedThe first engine Carrera “has suffered” from hands of experts from TechArt. After a number of improvements power of the power unit has increased by 15 h.p. the Maximum speed has grown on 5 km/hour., and dispersal to hundred was reduced almost to half-seconds.

For cars engineers have provided a new exhaust system, three are more exact not one, and at once. So to the potential owner from what will choose.

Sport penalty experts worked on an ex-terrier very long, but time and the spent forces of have justified. The new aerodynamic weather-cloth has created to the car an unforgettable kind. The main pride of the company – a modesty panel which automatically changes a discharge angle on the big speeds, giving Porsche still the big stability. Besides, experts of studio have decided to depress a ground clearance, thus, having given hope, that the accelerated momentum car will not fly up, though all possibilities for this purpose at it participation.

Providing the best clutch with a road cloth, cars “have put” in 20-inch five stripes wheels with low profile tires.

The interior a sport penalty also has changed, becoming even more magnificent. But, according to heads of tuning studio, the car interior will be created only in the co-authorship with the owner.

Cost of the modified Porsche is unknown.