Subaru Legacy STI

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There has passed a year since experts of “hot” tuning studio “STI” have worked over Subaru Legacy. Now there has come time again thoroughly to be engaged in this model.
Subaru Legacy STIExperts of tuning studio have decided to “charge” not only Legacy in a body “sedan”, but also “versatile person”. The model will receive two different four-cylinder engines. On cars with an automatic transmission will establish the 260-strong motor at maximum a twisting moment of 345 Nanometers. To fans of a manual gear box will offer the power unit power of 280 h.p. at 369 Nanometers.

Besides operational development of engines, designers have developed the original aerodynamic complete set and have put on cars in 18-inch disks. Especially Japanese motor-car manufacturers are proud of the versatile person who looks extraordinary effectively. And considering, that Subaru has decided to stop release Legacy in a body “versatile person”, the car becomes a unique copy.
Interior of Subaru Legacy STI has not undergone serious changes. From a standard complete set new STI differs presence of navigation and powerful audiosystem McIntosh.

Cost of the changed cars for the present is unknown.