Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

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Company Porsche in Stuttgart has acted with an official statement in which it is said, that “the manufacturer will start to work in the near future over hybrid version Porsche Cayenne”.
Porsche Cayenne HybridThe German company has decided to develop the hybrid engine for Cayenne, and in the future the same engine will establish and on Porsche Panamera. A principle of work of the motor the same, as at engine Lexus RX400h: electric installation supplements the petrol. Platform Porsche Cayenne as well as possible approaches for installation of the hybrid engine. The car becomes more economic, but it will not affect at all dynamics and dispersal Cayenne: to hundred car dispersal will increase all for half-seconds.

Porsche Cayenne will receive also the unique monitoring system of work of the engine “Hybrid Manager”. The given system is capable to supervise to 20 000 various parametres of the motor. “It will be the unique and most hi-tech hybrid engine in the world”, – is spoken in a company communique.

Unlike competitor Lexus RX 400h, Porsche Cayenne Hybrid with ease will get out on impassability and with success to overcome it. Impassability is strictly counter-indicative to the Japanese car. In a city the new engine will help to reduce fuel consumption to 25 percent. About fuel consumption, Porsche Cayenne hybrid will make 8.9 litres on 100 kilometres. Today petrol version Cayenne spends 13 litres for one hundred. We will notice also that heads of the German company hope to bring the small contribution on environment protection. In 5 years all cars Porsche will throw out in atmosphere only 130 gramme of carbonic gas on one kilometre. Debut Porsche with the hybrid engine will take place already in the near future.