Mercedes CLS 350 tuned by A.R.T

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Experts of German tuning studio A.R.T. Have presented the version of “completion” Mercedes CLS 350. If the owner of the car has suddenly considered, that it does not get the grace connected to a habit, he should address urgently in studio which will change model, having added it of elegance and sports character.
Tuned Mercedes CLS 350
Mercedes CLS 350 A.R.T
Thanks to a small tuning package and new colouring, the German car is capable to surprise even the most fault-finding motorists. Engineers have established lateral “skirts”, and also wider front air intake on front fenders of the car of “gill” which urged to cool a little a heat of the “hot” car. Also Mercedes CLS 350 has received a small modesty panel and a new rear bumper.

For excellent dynamics experts have worked and over the engine. The 3.5-litre motor with unique turbo system gives out power of 374 horsepowers at maximum a twisting moment 510 Nm. The engine is capable to disperse the car to 360 km/h.

The interior also did not remain without attention of masters from ART Tuning. Interior Mercedes CLS 350 is completely executed from a high-quality skin, and wooden inserts are replaced with details from the present carbon.

The first copy of the car already waits the owner, the truth, about cost Mercedes GTR 374 tuning studio A.R.T. While modestly holds back.