Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL Tuning

Mercedes-Benz GL BrabusFor creation of the improved aerodynamic indicators of Mercedes-Benz GL, experts Brabus have suggested to equip a front part of the car with a sports bumper with the built in four headlights (two main headlights and two antifog) and a “frightening” trapezoid air intake. To underline aggressive customs of an off-road car it was possible also at the expense of lateral thresholds, a stylish bumper with the choke tube in a tailpiece, and an additional spoiler on a luggage compartment door. Also we will notice, that lateral thresholds have been equipped by light-emitting diodes which “burn” only at door opening, and during movement “sleep”, so this course reminds nothing the trite and banal illumination of the bottom so favourite by our homebrew tuning companies.

Finish integrity of ex-terrier Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL stylish disks from Brabus which can be chosen in 18, 19 or the 20-inch size.

Classical “moulding” of series Monoblock VI in double 6-spitsevom registration are offered for Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL in a 20-inch format with tyres a standard size 295/45 or a 22-inch format with tyres dimension 295/35. The second variant are wheels from series Monoblock S, a format in 18, 19, 20 and 22 inches. Also finish the program of “footwear” for this off-road car
Disks of series Monoblock E with varnished under silver spokes (disks 20 and a 22-inch format, the tyre from Pirelli or Yokohama).

The car interior can be issued at will of the customer such materials as
carbon, natural high-quality skin Mastic and Alcantre. Also designers offer inserts from carbon on thresholds with shone logo Brabus, and a sports steering wheel with a warmed up rim and furnish from a skin.

Engine Tuning and Tech

Besides considerable completions of shape of Mercedes-Benz GL, engineers Brabus have well worked and over internal essence of this car.

For model of Mercedes-Benz GL 320 CDI engineers of studio have offered special electronic module Brabus D6 (III) PowerXtra after which installation the engine power grows to 272 h.p., and the maximum twisting moment makes 590 Nanometers at 1600 turns in a minute. It allows the car to be dispersed to “hundred” all for 8,9 seconds, and its maximum speed makes 218 km/h. By the way, installation of such variant of chip-tuning occupies only one hour.

For Mercedes-Benz GL 500 Brabus offers package В8 by means of which power of the power unit can be increased to 419 and 462 h.p.
The power increase is reached at the expense of increase in volume of the engine with 5,5 to 6,1 litres. Thanks to it motor V8 is capable to develop a twisting moment of 615 Nanometers at 3100 turns in a minute that allows to be dispersed to 100 km/h for 6,0 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited 255 km/h.

Changes have concerned also running, pneumatic suspender AIRMATIC has been modified: the ground clearance has decreased for 30 mm. Also the powerful braking system about 380 mm by hollow disks both 12-piston calipers in front and 355 mm hollow disks and 6-piston calipers behind has been established also.