2007 Wiesmann GT

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new Wiesmann GTWiesmann here two years sells cars GT worldwide, now German experts have decided to change a little the model, both outwardly, and internally. The updated car can be seen in September on a motor show in Frankfurt. The main changes have occurred under a motor vehicle cowl. Wiesmann GT it was always equipped with the engine in volume of 4.8 l from BMW, but now to it on change more powerful and reliable power unit has come. Henceforth on all copies will establish V-shaped “ten” in volume of 5 l. The car is capable to develop the maximum power in 507 h.p., earlier GT about 280 km/hour thanks to the motor in 362 h.p. At the updated car speed limit was dispersed remains practically former, and here dispersal to hundred to be reduced almost till 4 seconds.

The car weight makes only 1250 kg as at its assembly easy materials are used only: carbon and aluminium. Wiesmann GT it is completed with the most powerful brakes, 18-inch wheel disks, antiblocking system of brakes, road-holding ability system, xenon headlights of head light and light-emitting diode rear optics.

The car differs original design of a body which is executed in classical style of sports cars of last century. The model causes huge interest among judges expensive supercar, its cost will make an order $100 000.