Who would not want the TV receiver in the car?

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Unconditionally, the television receiver in the vehicle nowadays it is not enough at whom you will surprise, but to get such toy each will be decided not: expensively. However there is also a compromise! We create a cosiness in a car.

It is recollected, in a pore of total autotravel the portable TV was one of most needed subjects in the car. The antenna from the bundle threw on a pine above, and on the black-and-white shield tried to make out, that  football or «And well, girls». As a rule, it was possible to be adjusted either on a sound, or on the image. The accumulator had a seat brutally. “Youth”… Crafty sported copact in the bright case and with a colour picture. eh If I had the money.

Today the heavy television receiver in the vehicle – nonsense. Today television receivers flat, easy, do not put the battery. Science and engineering advanced achievements, quintessence of engineering thought – all there. And it is inexpensive. Concerning former years, certainly. It is possible to keep within 200 dollars. However, troubles at them the same, as at “Youth”. And quality, perhaps, worse. Prosperous build in cars the whole audiovideosystems of eminent firms in cost in thousand dollars. Also drive on the move DVD-films.

Whether was possiblly to find funny alternative? And as! The monitor with dvdrom – and it is able disks in different formats – twist to itself films though on the move! And what? At job, and dwellings the child all the same is no time, and the television receiver with football is forever occupied by the father-in-law. All the same two hours per day at the wheel, in a plug – on an hour-other it is more. Contemplation of neighbours in rows does not please, advertising on radio has by heart learnt, the book to read it is impossible. It is better movies to look, than with neighbours in a relation plug to find out. Speak, recently one other has taken yes has shot down. Nerves…

Hence, we erect a cinema hall. Where to have? In Audi 80 alternatives not too are a lot of… Certainly, to the place of a radio tape recorder. And as it passed round in Europe single format, it is necessary motorised (it TFT) the monitor – it leaves the block delivered on a regular place of a radio tape recorder.

We study, we ask, we search. Spread of the prices for comprehensible apparatuses – from 600 to 1900 c.u. As a rule, monitors 6,5 and 7-inch. Well, probably, the difference in interior of the small car is not too appreciable. So it would be desirable, that also radio was! There are no problems – AM/FM – the tuner is practically at all models.

Well and that it would be possible to look, except teleprograms (they are sometimes worse than dismantlings), still that that. The apparatus with a player of disks is necessary. Players, it appears, too different happen – who only DVD reads, who CD-R and CD-RW can. And some – all formats. Not laziness to transfer: DVD/SVD/VCD/CD/CD – R/MP3. What the engineering has reached! And it has reached us in the form of Clarion VRX 928RVD, Videovox PAV-1000 (analogue Prology DVM-600), Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD. Last two are only in advertising leaflets.

There are systems an interesting counter – Touch Screen (the touch monitor). It plays about Kenwood (models KVT 920DVD and KVT M700). Like very convenient – steering is direct on the shield: a finger in the drawn button. But numerous imprints of fingers look awfully slovenly. Will not go. We will better look with the remote-control station. Here good luck: “idler” is given practically to all models (and all brands). It is not necessary to be surprised to magnitude of the panel, comparable with D/V the house television receiver: buttons here suffices. And all any small. Means, to use it is necessary cautiously, long to get used, and that it is possible and to depart somewhere!

Many apparatuses can be hitched to CD-changer. Function like and necessary, but is realised almost always unsuccessfully – to command group of disks and to change their construction, it is necessary to boss two panels. However, it is possible to purchase one, self-training, at additional expense, certainly.

ТV-тюнера Is not present at one monitor. For the right to feel in the thick of things and morally to suppress neighbours an abundance of antennas on a body it is necessary to unfasten at least 150 c.u.

The monitor, of course, should open the electric drive. It is more convenient, when it is engaged with DV – all the same it in the arm to take. And if from the same panel it is possible to adjust an overhang and a discharge angle – in general beauty. Videovox PAV-900 allows to turn the monitor and on level. However, on a small angle.

What have still forgotten? That at the terminated monitor the display showed frequency of radio station, number track on a disk, a time, RDS – without exchange feel naked, temperature behind a board and on a board (we now almost that the liner). There are these functions not at all. And it is a pity.

The design of the panel routinely depends on the price. Well it is characteristic for any electronics. On fingers you will not explain, it is necessary to look and choose, that is pleasant.

Important at first sight the moment – protection against fans of “another’s music». In some models there is a demountable heel of the panel. It Pioneer AVH – P6400CD, Pioneer AVX-7300, all Clarion. But at us so is found: at absence of “muzzle” do not look – all the same pull out.

And here system Kenwood Mask from beginning thieves can and gain. The panel now turned over on the back party can also be removed! The whole two levels of masking gets out.

Have in brief studied tenders? Then we will get savings and it is considered. All systems while on three price groups:

1. From 600 to 1000. Clarion VRX 633R, Kenwood KVT M700, Pioneer AHV – P6400CD, Videovox PAV-900, Prology AVM-700R, Pioneer AVX-7300.

2. From 1000 to 1500. Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD, Pioneer AVX-P7300DVD, Clarion VRX 938R.

3. From 1500 to 2000. Kenwood KVT 920DVD, Alpine TME-M790, Clarion VRX 928RVD.

Have chosen something on taste? I would purchase Videovox PAV-900. And has purchased, and has delivered. Installation in specialised service has facilitated a pocket on $100. In the same place suggest to draw through “noodles” for the monitor to rear passengers (exits for additional audiovideo units are practically at everything, it is possible to connect even pair of monitors), for navigating system or a television camera of rear survey. I will be, as the father-in-law on kitchen: at me – football, at my passengers – animated cartoons. And on call 10 disks in a changer – pair with MP3, heels DVD or VCD, three routine compact… The Pas-went! On the whole cruise will suffice!