Mazda СХ-7 New Crossover

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Turbo engine 2.3 DISI with direct injection of fuel. Dispersal to hundred kilometres per hour for 7.9 seconds. Six-step “automatic machine”, the climate control, active and passive safety. All is new crossover Mazda СХ-7 which besides the qualities set forth above, possesses also unusually successful design.

Hearts of the Russian motorists have already trembled – CX-7 has stepped into our earth: since July, 15th the model is exposed in interior «Independence Mazda» on a general review. Mazda CX-7 it will be delivered in two complete sets: Touring and Sport. Last assumes leather interior xenon headlights, high-quality musical system and access to interior. All models CX-7 are adapted for 95 gasoline that does its operation even more comfortable and problemless. And all these pleasures of a life become accessible on one of the most competitive in a class of the prices. To specify details, to admire the car and to issue the order already now it is possible in company “Independence” interior.