Hummer H2 The Best Offroad Car

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Known American magazine Forbes has presented the next rating of the most magnificent off-road cars intended for driving on serious impassability.
Employees of magazine estimated specifications of cars, such, as presence of a high-grade all wheel drive, an underdrive and blocking of differentials, a road gleam, entrance and congress corners. Besides, each applicant should cost not less than 30 thousand dollars in territory of the USA.

As a result a victory has gained Hummer H2, capable to get on obstacles in height in 60 the Second place see has got magnificent Range Rover, and closes a three of leaders Mercedes GL450, received a nicknameĀ  offroad S-Class.

First ten looks as follows:
1. Hummer H2
2. Range Rover
3. Mercedes-Benz GL450
4. Land Rover Discovery
5. Range Rover Sport
6. Lexus LX 470
7. Mercedes-Benz G500
8. Porsche Cayenne
9. Lexus GX 470
10. VW Touareg