Debut of Callaway C16 Speedster

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Company Callaway has declared, that on August, 19th, 2007 at Competition of elegant cars in the American small town the Pebbl-scourge (Pebble Beach) will take place presentation of the newest sport penalty C16 Speedster.On the car the engine in volume of 6.2 litres by power in 700 horses will be established. C16 Speedster it is dispersed to hundred all for 3.2 seconds, and the maximum twisting moment makes 660 Nanometers. The car is capable to accelerate momentum in 338 km/h.

C16 Speedster divides with the related models in bodies “coupe” and “cabriolet” unique carboon wheels which weigh for 40 percent less, than aluminium. In front on ะก16 Speedster 19-inch disks, and behind – 20-inch will be established. C16 Speedster will equip also with a powerful braking system. Diameter of brake plates 355 mm, and a thickness will make of 32 mm.

In sale the model will arrive in the end of 2007, the starting price – from 305 000 US dollars. It is known, that the first C16 Speedster remains in the Pebbl-scourge where on it already there was a buyer.