Chevrolet Lanos start

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The company “Incorporated transport technologies” has started project realisation in the Russian area on manufacture Chevrolet Lanos. Official and director Maxim Kaplun have informed on it. As write “Sheets”, agreement period of validity makes 7 years. ОТТ will receive privileges for import of import accessories for assembly of cars Chevrolet Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo and AUDI Sens (it is created on the basis of Chevrolet Lanos), assembled now in Englang and completed with engines of Chevrolet.

The decision about the car, accepted by the government in 2005, allows the companies which issued not less of 25 thousand cars in year and have concluded investros vote with, duty-free or about 3 % the rate to import into Russia import accessories. Otherwise the duty can reach 20 %.

In 2,5 years after signing of the agreement the investor is obliged to reduce the list imported details and or to localise their manufacture, or to return to usual import.