2009 Porsche Panamera

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Photographers-spies of British journal CarMagazin have tracked down a prototype of new coupe Porsche Panamera in the USA.
Porsche PanameraPorsche it is necessary to develop Panamera alone as neither VW, nor Bentley have not wished to be connected to the project. Probably, therefore since 1988 when has been presented 4 door concept G1, in a consequence named Panamera, to this day only prototypes of new Porsche appeared on the roads.
Judging by numerous espionage photos, in the middle of 2009 in sale will arrive five-metre 4 doors sedan Porsche with character GT. In front part Panamera «family features» 911 are easily guessed. And under cowl Panamera 3,6-litre drive V6 in 300 h.p. of power, most likely, will settle down.