2007 Porsche Sportec SP580

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Sportec – new embodiment Porsche 911 Turbo – the name “SP580″ has received for corresponding amount of “horses” under a cowl in car “tail”.

Porsche Sportec SP580Having brought necessary technical improvements in turbo-supercharging system, having reprogrammed a control package and having made a number of other magic actions, Sportec offers 3 possible versions of usual platform Porsche. Most includes turbo-superchargings from 2007 Porsche Sportec SP580 and an exhaust system made from a corrosion-proof high-quality steel, with catalytic converters of high efficiency and four exhaust pipes. The dual system of a turbo-supercharging creates the general power in 580 h.p. and 765 Nanometers that transforms the car into a rocket collecting 100 km/h not later, than in 3.4 seconds, and its speed limit makes 336 km/h.

Changes in a running gear engage installation of the improved spring suspender, even more rigid system of amortisation and powerful brakes. Improvements from Sportec in aerodynamics were reflected in a new body with front both rear air intakes and a spoiler.