1G Racing Noble M400 Rossion Q1

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The American company 1G Racing has redeemed at firm Noble of the right to manufacture of supercars Noble M400 and M12.

Thus, in America there was a new manufacturer of sports models – the cars assembled in New Light will be called Rossion Q1, and in their movement begins to result the motor power of 450 horsepowers. Thanks to this power unit easy Rossion Q1 0-100 kilometres per hour for 3,2 seconds will be dispersed, and the car can overcome one quarter of mile for 11,4 seconds.

Noble M400Rossion Q1 will differ from Noble presence of the big number “features” which will make a trip of more comfortable. For example, superpenalties will receive leather interior, an electropackage, the climate control, navigation, musical system. Cost Rossion Q1 will make 90.700 dollars.