Audi TTS – New Sporty Coupe

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Audi TTSThe new sports car – Audi TTS, a coupe crowning a lineup is raised.

Under a novelty cowl there is two-litre motor TFSI power of 272 h.p. which disperses the car to 100 km/hour for 5,2 seconds the Greatest twisting moment – 350 Nanometers – is reached in a range of 2500-5000 turns. The maximum speed Audi TTS with the electronic arrester makes 250 km/hour. The car is accessible as in a body “coupe” of the landing formula 2+2, and in version “roadster”. (more…)

Hummer H3 Black Edition – The Black Magic

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The European admirers of legendary mark Hummer pine in an exit anticipation on the market of the exclusive version of model H3. (more…)

Audi R8 V10 is back on Nurburgring

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Audi R8 V10Company Audi has renewed tests of new super car R8 after in April of this year directly on the Nurburgrings track has burnt down by first prototype Audi R8 V10.

The manufacturer has equipped a new prototype with the advanced fire-prevention system, that it is no wonder as to restore car in cost over an euro half-million is problematic enough. The system becomes more active pressing of two red buttons which are established outside near to a vanity mirror from the driver’s party. (more…)

Porsche 911 GT3 RS by Cargraphic

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The world-wide popularity to company Cargraphic has come after two successively victories at cult competitions – Tuner GP to show the new version of Porsche 911 GT3 RS in 996th body. Time has come to meet with new 997 RSC from Cargraphic. (more…)

Mitsubishi Concept-ZT to replace Galant

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Japanese motorcar giant Mitsubishi is intended to expose on a motor show in Tokyo couple concept cars at once. Most interesting of them – Mitsubishi Concept-ZT. The conceptual car is suspiciously similar to model Galant which, quite probably, it in the future will replace on the conveyor. (more…)

Carlsson Mercedes CK65 AMG Eau Rouge Limited Edition

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The new sports car under name CK65 Eau Rouge Limited Edition from tuning studio Carlsson debuts on a motor show in Frankfurt. (more…)

TechArt tuned Porsche 911 Carrera

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TechArt have passed operational development Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S. The Tuning Studio has become famous for that is engaged in tuning of Porsche cars. The studio has developed special tuning programs which include not only external operational development of the car, but also internal For two models 911 Carrera.

Hot Audi TT-R will be on the streets soon

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German car manufacturer Audi prepares for display of new versions of a coupe and a roadster of family of a TT with five-cylinder engine – 2.3 l. In the near future occurrence of the new version of a TT in bodies “coupe” and “roadster” is expected, however, while it is difficult to confirm for certain something about its characteristics. The considerable quantity of guesses about the power unit which will serve as the engine for a new supercoupe has been put forward, whether there is them a working model of engine V6 in volume of 3.2 l with double charge or it will be absolutely new five-cylinder turbo engine. (more…)

Ferrari Zagato Spyder is back!

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Ferrari prepares for release of new model Zagato Spyder. This name here already throughout 60 years for many motorists directly associates with the Italian motor industry. The glorified name ascends the sources to classical Ferrari 50th years with the folding top, carrying a title of the best model of mark.

Lotus Exige Sport 240

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Lotus Exige SportCompany Lotus has declared, what exactly the Australian market is the leader on sale of English models. Only this year the company has sold on 20 % of the cars more than in 2006. In October in the market there will be one more model Lotus Exige Sport 240 developed by Australian compartment Lotus.
Sport penalties will equip with the 240-strong forced engine at maximum a twisting moment of 230 Nm. (more…)

Mercedes CLS 350 tuned by A.R.T

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Experts of German tuning studio A.R.T. Have presented the version of “completion” Mercedes CLS 350. If the owner of the car has suddenly considered, that it does not get the grace connected to a habit, he should address urgently in studio which will change model, having added it of elegance and sports character. (more…)

2007 Wiesmann GT

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new Wiesmann GTWiesmann here two years sells cars GT worldwide, now German experts have decided to change a little the model, both outwardly, and internally. The updated car can be seen in September on a motor show in Frankfurt. The main changes have occurred under a motor vehicle cowl. Wiesmann GT it was always equipped with the engine in volume of 4.8 l from BMW, but now to it on change more powerful and reliable power unit has come. (more…)

Bugatti Veyron beated by Dodge Viper

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raceWithin the limits of original drag racing supercars, lead by the American magazine Road&Track, a victory has gained not omnipotent about day of races “Italian”, and Dodge Viper “local flood” that became main, but not unique sensation of competitions. (more…)

Mazda RX-8 40th Anniversary Rotary Engine

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Company Mazda has created the special version of model RX-8 devoted to the fortieth anniversary of release of rotor motors of own manufacture as which platform sedan RX-8 with 6МТ and 6АТ is used.

Brabus tuned Mercedes-Benz E V12

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Brabus Mercedes V12Tuned car Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 is known for that is the fastest sedan produced in lots. Tremendous dynamic characteristics Mercedes-Benz E V12, but also a special aerodynamic weather-cloth gives to the car not only tuning of the engine and technical stuffing Brabus. Lateral profile thresholds, a face-to-face and rear bumper with spoilers serve not only as ornaments, and considerably improve aerodynamic indicators that tests in a special tube have visually shown. Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 “is put” in 19-inch wheels with cast disks with rubber Pirelli 255/35 on a front axle and 285/30 on the rear. (more…)

Subaru Legacy STI

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There has passed a year since experts of “hot” tuning studio “STI” have worked over Subaru Legacy. Now there has come time again thoroughly to be engaged in this model. (more…)

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL Tuning

Mercedes-Benz GL BrabusFor creation of the improved aerodynamic indicators of Mercedes-Benz GL, experts Brabus have suggested to equip a front part of the car with a sports bumper with the built in four headlights (two main headlights and two antifog) and a “frightening” trapezoid air intake. To underline aggressive customs of an off-road car it was possible also at the expense of lateral thresholds, a stylish bumper with the choke tube in a tailpiece, and an additional spoiler on a luggage compartment door. Also we will notice, that lateral thresholds have been equipped by light-emitting diodes which “burn” only at door opening, and during movement “sleep”, so this course reminds nothing the trite and banal illumination of the bottom so favourite by our homebrew tuning companies. (more…)

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Bentley has presented the most powerful serial car in the world, its Bentley Continental GT Speed with the engine of 600 h.p. its a super car. (more…)

Toyota Blade Master G

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Toyota prepares to exhaust model Blade Master G intended for the Japanese market. The new car will make competition Volkswagen Golf. (more…)

BMW Z4 M Coupe tuned by AC Schnitzer

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Tuned BMW Z4 MStudio AC Schnitzer has prepared impressing package of operational development for powerful coupe BMW Z4 M. Z4 M concerns the category of those cars which any more are not subject to completion as the M-department of concern BMW has achieved everything that it is possible to receive from a sports coupe. (more…)

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

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Company Porsche in Stuttgart has acted with an official statement in which it is said, that “the manufacturer will start to work in the near future over hybrid version Porsche Cayenne”. (more…)

Tank transformed into a limousine

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English company Tanks-alot has created a unique limousine. It is constructed on the basis of the military tank. (more…)

2007 Porsche Sportec SP580

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Sportec – new embodiment Porsche 911 Turbo – the name “SP580″ has received for corresponding amount of “horses” under a cowl in car “tail”. (more…)

Debut of Callaway C16 Speedster

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Company Callaway has declared, that on August, 19th, 2007 at Competition of elegant cars in the American small town the Pebbl-scourge (Pebble Beach) will take place presentation of the newest sport penalty C16 Speedster. (more…)

2007 Jeep Liberty

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2007 Jeep LibertyCompany Chrysler declared, that today begins release new Jeep Liberty in a city of Toledo, the State of Ohio. Updated Jeep Liberty will assemble on the conveyor in parallel with Dodge Nitro which manufacture has begun in August, 2006. (more…)

BMW M3 CLS Is Coming

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The Vice-president of Bavarian auto concern BMW Gerhard Richter has confirmed, that will shortly go on sale BMW M3 CLS. (more…)

The New Audi Q3

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German automobile magazine Autobild has published preliminary images of new model Audi Q3. The novelty from the German company presumably will appear in the market in 2009. Q3 has been shown public in a kind concept Cross Coupe. (more…)

Hummer H2 The Best Offroad Car

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Known American magazine Forbes has presented the next rating of the most magnificent off-road cars intended for driving on serious impassability.

MINI Cooper S tuned by AS Shnitzer

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German tuning studio AS Shnitzer has developed new tuning package R56 for cars MINI Cooper S. (more…)

Volkswagen Phaeton Coupe Cabrio

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German company Volkswagen has decided to update a ruler of model Phaeton and will shortly exhaust Phaeton in a body “coupe-cabriolet”. (more…)

Look of new BMW X6

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Edition Car Magazine has published computer images of the newest full-sized off-road car BMW Х6. (more…)

Porsche 911 GT2 is the fastest from 911 series

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Company Porsche in a threshold of a September motor show in Frankfurt has realeased the official press release devoted to new model Porsche 911 GT2. (more…)

Mazda СХ-7 New Crossover

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Turbo engine 2.3 DISI with direct injection of fuel. Dispersal to hundred kilometres per hour for 7.9 seconds. Six-step “automatic machine”, the climate control, active and passive safety. All is new crossover Mazda СХ-7 which besides the qualities set forth above, possesses also unusually successful design.

Chevrolet Lanos start

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The company “Incorporated transport technologies” has started project realisation in the Russian area on manufacture Chevrolet Lanos. Official and director Maxim Kaplun have informed on it. As write “Sheets”, agreement period of validity makes 7 years. ОТТ will receive privileges for import of import accessories for assembly of cars Chevrolet Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo and AUDI Sens (it is created on the basis of Chevrolet Lanos), assembled now in Englang and completed with engines of Chevrolet. (more…)

Who would not want the TV receiver in the car?

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Unconditionally, the television receiver in the vehicle nowadays it is not enough at whom you will surprise, but to get such toy each will be decided not: expensively. However there is also a compromise! We create a cosiness in a car. (more…)

Seats from Recaro

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What first of all occurs to you when you have a seat in “foreign car” let at all the biggest golf-class-room? No, it is not necessary to mention feeling of envy unworthy you, and also bitterness and insult for our car industry. Nevertheless the first intelligent act trying on a habit will fine-adjust the body under features of sitting as it occurs often in interiors of many cars. (more…)

1G Racing Noble M400 Rossion Q1

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The American company 1G Racing has redeemed at firm Noble of the right to manufacture of supercars Noble M400 and M12. (more…)

Mercedes-Benz M-Class Edition 10

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The Mercedes-Benz company has celebrated birthday of an off-road car of the M-class. The model descends from the conveyor here ten years and is popular all over the world. (more…)

Volkswagen Sharan tuned by RaceDesign

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German tuning studio RaceDesign has prepared a package of finishings for minivan Volkswagen Sharan. Appearance of the car has considerably changed at the expense of installation of a new aerodynamic weather-cloth. (more…)

2009 Porsche Panamera

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Photographers-spies of British journal CarMagazin have tracked down a prototype of new coupe Porsche Panamera in the USA. (more…)

Mitsubishi Evo X – details of the new control system of Evo X

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As a whole controllability of the car will supervise record amount of electronic systems.Under statement MMC, new Evo X in respect of technical perfection on a head above the predecessor though has adopted from it some components. (more…)